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Please make a one time paid version and please add a night mode.

Ads are a killer

Full screen ad take overs with no exit button is completely unacceptable

Delayed feeds

Podcast feeds are delayed by at least a day

So easy to use!

I am loving this app for listening to my favorite podcasts while I’m working all day. Now I have my “Drew and Mike Show” everywhere I go. Thank you for the great app.


Ads? Come on let me pay to get rid of ads

Paid version would be good

The app works great but the ads get annoying and I wish I could pay to make them go away.

Ads everywhere

Overall I like the app, much more intuitive than IOS 11 new podcast app. BUT the pop up ads are terrible and excessive.

No More Radio

I love this Podcast App, it’s changed my listening habits!

Reverse order of podcasts

Why can’t you list oldest to newest podcasts?? Makes sense since the feed keeps playing but not in order when timer is not set. I want to delete the ones I don’t want to save but haven’t figured out how to do it. I am new to this app and maybe I am missing something. Other than that - seems to work very well.

Hate the ads

I absolutely hate the ads so I'm no longer using this app after less than a week. I do like how it shows how many listeners there are to shows so I can see how popular podcasts are before I bother checking them out.

My new favorite!

I love listening to Autumn and Bethany while I’m working and cleaning. I feel like I’m chatting with old friends, and they’re discussions and suggestions are 100% practical and doable no matter where you are in terms of organization.

Great Resource

I recently deconverted from Judaism and was raised in a small Southern TX town and the Baptist Church. Mr. Andrews’ helped me on my journey along with Stephen Fry and Christopher Hitchens and I cannot stop trying to catch up and listen to all podcasts/YouTube uploads. Appreciate his help.

Good but frustrating

Crashes way too much, like it can’t handle multitasking at all. Gone through many podcast apps recently so I don’t want to change, I wish something was stable & workable w less crashes

Doesn’t support Patreon

I can’t paste my patreon feed urls in to add a podcast. It only lets me search by name.

Worth paying for

Should have a paid version to get rid of ads. A solid podcast app. Compared to Apple's pitiful attempts, its superb.

Please add an ad-free option!

Just downloaded this app and it’s phenomenal, so much so that I wanted to invest my money and pay for an ad-free version but was disappointed to find there is no option for that. Please add it! Will you ever? 5 stars when you do.

Organized and offers suggestions

This app not only makes it easy to find your favorite podcasts, it helps you find new ones.

Great app, terrible adds

Why does a podcast app have audio ads that automatically play over the podcasts? It’s very annoying to press play and not be able to hear someone speaking because of the announcing sounds of a slot machine going off. Other than that this app is great, I can download and play apps on the go, I don’t accidentally skip to the beginning halfway through a 3 hour podcast while trying to change the volume on Bluetooth (which was a big issue with the default app), and I get notifications when a new episode gets released, overall it’s the best app I’ve used, but I wish I could pay a few bucks to remove the ads.


I like this simple game but it could get old.


Welcome to Nightvale is the only reason I downloaded this app, initially. I’ve since found many more podcasts to enjoy! This app gives the needed freedoms and aspects one can enjoy without the restrictions you get with other less-than apps.

Please let us remove the ads

I’ll gladly pay. Awesome app. The ads blow.

Too many ads. I’d pay to remove them

Ads are full screen

Let me pay you for ad free

Great app, clean and straight to the point...including the ads, they are there and regular. I have money, can I give you money instead of the ad guys giving you money? I have dollar, it could be YOUR dollar :D It could even be your dollar on a regular period of time recurring if you add some sweet features like subscribing but excluding supplementary featurets like post episode commentary or discussions!

Great potential

It doesn't sync with other Apple devices? What? That's bad, very bad. There is no ability to import my podcast subscriptions from my probably soon to be ex podcast app? Not good, but only painful for a while in the beginning. I echo the call to let me give you money. You know why .... Or you should, others are telling you. I love the whole discovery process. Great job on recommending best episodes. App looks great! Very nice design! Where is a help page, webpage, something? The whole post issues on the review page ... Doesn't work great. Need different speeds for different podcasts. Also, 1.75 speed would be great. NEED APPLE WATCH APP. Please! Search function works great! Now, you're really closer to three stars, but great potential ...


I switched to this app when Apple’s podcast app became hot garbage with iOS 11 upgrade. Now I need to find another because this one has become trash as well. And what’s with the full screen gotcha op up ads?!?

A better alternative

Wow! This is MILES ahead of Apple’s POS Podcast app. Can I suggest adding a paid, no-ads option? I would gladly pay a few dollars for this app.

No way to contact

iOS podcast app is a mess. Is there a way to transfer over the list of podcasts I have into your app, so I don’t have to go find and remap all the shows.

Offer an ad-free version

The ads dominate this app. Please offer an option to remove them. Apples native podcast app doesn’t have ads.


Sorry but i wont be using this app anymore since all the podcasts I listened to are now on Spotify. But to help anyone else that might still use this app they were Rt Podcast, Always Open, Off Topic, and Fan Service.

Good listening app

The Podcast App is intuitive and fast and works. Everything you need.

Doesn’t play anything

App looks nice... but doesn’t actually play anything. It just says “connecting...” indefinitely. -Update: thanks to the developer for responding. After removing and reinstalling the app it’s working now. So I’m changing from ⭐️ to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. -Second Update: After a couple days it broke again in the same way, back to ⭐️. Any podcast just gets stuck at “connecting...” when I try to play it. Downloading for offline doesn’t work either. Those podcasts work just fine in other players. I’m using an iPhone 7 on 11.2.6.

Paid add free version

This would be a 5 Star app if there was a paid ad free version. It’s an amazing podcast app but the ads are so annoying. I would definitely be a buyer if there was an option!

Great app

Really enjoying this podcast app. It got me listening to podcasts and really enjoying them. Oprah Super soul Sunday is my favorite. Listen to it in the car on long drives. Just great and thanks for the recent updates to make it better.

Using it for 6 months now

Make it easier to see all episodes of a channel and search those episodes. It is difficult to search through a channels many episodes and categorize them. Thanks!

Ads are Annoying

I like your app, but please consider getting rid of full page ads. They are causing problems with some of my podcasts as the podcast either pauses or stops all together when the ad pops up.

Was good while it lasted

For a month or so this app saved my commute by doing what apple’s podcast app doesn’t: play podcasts. Now, after about a month and numerous updates, this app has gone the way of apple’s: it doesn’t play podcasts. It says they’re downloaded but when you press play, they don’t play. Instead you get an ‘error’ or it just says ‘loading’ indefinitely. And when you try to press anything on the screen to figure out what’s wrong or just try to restart, you’re bombarded with a string of ads.

Awesome App... But

So much easier to use than the Apple Podcasts app! But... I just wish there was a way way to save episodes you really love into a cloud without having to keep them downloaded on your device. And it would be nice to not have the ads popping up all of the time! Overall though, it’s great for what you pay for it (free)! —— Update: Just figured out that there really is no need to save the episodes you really like to a cloud because the episodes you download to listen to later automatically get deleted once they’re done and show up as greed out on the show’s list. This just works better for me rather than having to manage what’s downloaded or not like you do on the Apple app. Raising from 3 to 4 stars only because the constant ads get in the way... but other than that... this is by far my favorite podcast app!

Well done. Nothing special.

The app is simple enough to use. It could be more streamlined and more user-friendly but the same time it’s not terribly hard to navigate. One of my complaints is no ability to play the podcast in fast forward. I really enjoy in android podcast addict the ability to play at 1.2 or 1.3 times normal speed.

Better organization

I’d like it so that you can have folders of your favorite shows & then just listen straight through. It would also be nice if I could change the sort to play the oldest first. And I’d like the date of the show to display on my car display. Overall it’s a great app & I haven’t had any problems!

Doesn’t work very well unfortunately

If you like staring for hours at something that says “connecting” this is the app for you

Isn’t working like how it used to

Keeps shutting down a couple minutes into listening any podcast.

Great app

Easy to use, reminders are very helpful

Sell an ad free version

Like other users, I give this 4 instead of 5 stars because you don’t offer an ad free version. I use the app to learn French during my commute. I sometimes need to replay the last 10 seconds or click the next episode. But when ads pop up that is too dangerous. I’d be happy to pay for an ad free version.

It’s the boss!

Really enjoy this app—perfect company for chores and commuting. Especially like “Lovett or Leave It” for my liberal snark feasting and “2 Dope Queens” and “The Randown with Robin Thede” for fun and topical humor. Don’t mind the ads on “Lovett “—they’re usually pretty funny, too!

Like it a lot.

But... if you made an ad free version I would love it.

Good app but difficult to download episodes

This is a much better app that the awful and useless piece of software that is the one that comes by default. However, I miss having an easier option to download episodes. As it is, I have to add the episode to the “Listen Later” folder, start playing the episode and have it running until it finishes downloading (as opposed to being able to just add episodes to a downloading queue). UPDATED: The update has actually improved the downloading feature, thanks for listening!

Paid version to remove ads please!

The app is great but the ads are too annoying.

Best podcast app

Simple, useful, quick. Exactly what I want out of a podcast app

Searchable podcasts!!!!

I love this app, and have since downloaded it and ditched the stupid apple podcast app. One of my favorite features is that you can search the podcasts in your favorite lists for specific content!

Takes too long to connect and frequently errors out

This app is decent and gives me access to all my favorite pidcasts, but it seems to happen to me all too often that it takes minutes at a time to load a podcast or fails to do so altogether. If loading were more consistent I’d be prepared to give this 5 stars.

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