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This app is great for listening to podcasts this app is even better than the apple version BUT you can’t watch video podcasts developer please fix this and I would definitely rate this app 5 stars

Missing many utility features

I’ve been using the Podcasts app for a few days now and overall I’m not super impressed. I love the design, colors, and the fact that it has all the podcasts I want to listen to. But my enthusiasm stops there. There are many features missing from the app that are deal breakers for me. Here’s my list: - The app is missing a way to manage notifications. Every single day I get a notification reminding me how many downloaded episodes I have and to go listen to them. I do listen to them. Every day. I don’t need a reminder and there is no way to turn it off other than turning off notifications all together. Additionally, there isn’t a way to turn off new episode notifications for specific podcasts. - Sort order. I saw several other reviews mention this. There is not a way to change the sort order to reverse chronological or by listened / not listened. Listen later also has no way to sort by podcast. - There isn’t a way to mark an episode as played. Coming from another podcast app, it was annoying that I couldn’t go through the list of episodes and mark ones I’ve already listened to as played. - No options for automatic downloads. The app is completely void of any download strategy options. - Not a deal breaker for me like some of the others listed above, but I’d like to be able to customize the length of the fast forward and rewind buttons. 30 seconds forward and 10 seconds back and good defaults, but I personally would have them set differently. This app is missing too many things for me to use it as my main podcast app. Add some of these features and I’ll be back in a flash!


If they would make the speed settings in increments of 0.1 I would give 5 stars. The jump in speed from 1.5 to 2 is to big.

2 problems

No instructions No way to search effectively for instructions with that name. It’s like naming your novel. The book


Paid to remove ads and they did not go away. Reinstalled it and restored purchase, ads are still there. Glad my card was charged $10 for removing nothing. Also, they tell you to email them and then they ignore your email.

Love the app but reinstalling breaks subscription

/UPDATE: after several app updates I still can’t restore my already paid for subscription. The app is great otherwise but it’s been many weeks since I paid for it and am still stuck with ads because the Restore button doesn’t work. Not cool. /UPDATE I love this app, best podcast player I’ve seen. I subscribed to it but seemed to have found a bug where removing and reinstalling the app breaks the subscription and the ads don’t go away. Can renew subscription and can’t Restore button the ads away. Not sure what to do as I can’t find a way to contact support either. This would be five stars if those things were fixed/made clearer.

Downloads not staying downloaded

Please help. I’ve been using this app for a month and it works great most of the time. However, when I send podcasts to my listen later section, I’m having trouble with them remaining downloaded. I’ll open the files later in the day and I see the podcast that used to be downloaded. Only now they aren’t but instead waiting for wi fi. Sooooo frustrating


Love these guys. Thanks for making my work days flow. I like yo jib!

Difficult minimize button

The minimize button from the play screen is tiny, and in iPhone x very close to the clock and difficult to click. The x to close the ad is also deceptively small so they get more clicks and more $.

Stuck loading episodes

I loved this app when i first got it since it takes up no room on your phone and imports all your episodes from the podcast app, however i recently noticed that it’ll get stuck on the loading screen for some episodes ): please fix this !!! I don’t understand why some shows/episodes load more seamlessly than others.

E-Mail Share Function Dead

Overall, I really like this app compared to the one that comes with an iPhone. But with my iPhone X, when I go to share a podcast via email it does not go through. I am using Gmail for my primary email account.

Podcast app

There's always something new and interesting! This is a great app!

My go-to

Apple podcasts was driving me crazy, always downloading everything, difficult to navigate, crashing, etc. This app does none of that, I love it, and have completely switched over. However my one complaint - most of my favorite podcasts come from Crooked Media. They released two new shows (Hysteria, The Wilderness) in the last few weeks and I can’t find them or listen to them here. It’s a little disappointing, but I’ll keep trying. Xx

Ads should be at top or bottom on free

Had a few pod cast apps, this is the only one that ads cover the entire screen that must be closed anytime u interact with the app

Great show!

Thank you for your service for people that suffer from Anxiety!

Adds Gone Too Far!

I really like the simplicity and organization of the the app. I don’t even mind adds when I open the app. How else can a free app of this kind make money. What I WILL NOT forgive though are audio adds that play over my podcast when I pause/play. The add cuts out whole sentences to the point I have to open my phone and rewind....after I click out of another add that is. It is extremely annoying and thus why I gave 3*.


I’ve been updating this app as needed on my personal iPhone for the last year or so. For some ungodly reason advertising for Arab Women Dating Sites Keep popping up. To make matters worse, I can’t X out of them. The only way to remove the OFFENSIVE ads is to shut the entire App. This is the first review I’ve ever written. Im so mad and annoyed, I’m taking time out of my busy day to let you and perspective users what’s really going on with the Ads popping up. BTW, I have not googled or looked up anything of this sort to warrant getting Ads such as these!!!


The good old USA is being propagandized by all these extremist right-wingers who are praising anyone dismantling the US departments that serve the people: FDA EPA EDUCATION HSS CPA etc etc etc. The national debt being blamed on Democrats when in fact the Republicans stone-walled any attempts to pass any legislation once the got the majority.

Is it another factor?

A podcast I wanted to listen to would not load. Very aggravating. Had to go to blog site and listen via Libsyn.

Great app, needs customization

A fantastic app that works as it should. My only complaint is the last of a settings page with options to customize things like the standard podcast app.

I want so bad to give 5 stars but...

I can’t get some episodes to play. They are downloaded, but when I press play it doesn’t play. It just circles. I have tried turning on and off my phone. I don’t want to uninstall the app and reinstall because I don’t want to re download the episodes I downloaded. Help!!

The ad interface is terrible

This ad is terrible to use for long distance driving. The ads pop up as soon as you play something and then they are hard to close as tapping the ‘X’ does not make it go away. I have to open up a different app and then go back into this one in order for the ad to go away. This is so distracting and hard to do while multitasking. Why not just make the ads in the top bar or something??

If I only Knew!

I wish I had been listening to podcast a long time ago. It’s easy to find everything and anything you would like to listen too.

This is a great app

I have been looking for a good podcast app for a while and this is perfect. The best feature in my opinion is the ability to download episodes.

5 Star entertainment!

This has replaced my old morning routine. Love waking up to Auburn athletics! WDE!

How to Upload A Podcast

Hey Im a podcast creator and I’d love to get my podcast on this App, please tell me how!

better than the purple one

I like this one so much better than the purple podcast app! Easy to save favorite shows, easy to tell it what to download to listen to later, easy to delete old content, and easy to search for undiscovered gems. I switched over because I had switched phone companies and thought I should try a new podcast app and I wont go back!

Small town murder

My first podcast and I’m loving it !!!

Downloads disappear

Like all iPhone podcast apps I have tried, when you get to somewhere where there is no connection and you try to listen to a downloaded podcast that you made sure this morning that you would have when you were to be deep in nowhere—the downloads are all not friggen downloaded anymore!

Pop up ads

I’m sure this is only a problem with the free version. But I would never pay money for this thing because of the annoying pop up as they give you in the free version. Goofy music that pops up when I’m on the phone, whenever I quit the app, and just randomly.


Though a much better app than iTunes Podcast, this one skips at time and not all podcasts are available.

Good app

But I wish their was a way to play a podcast you just got into from oldest to newest without downloading them :/

Single AF

I love it! Every woman needs to listen.


Nul a chier....

Pod cast

I love it especially taking. Screen print !

Really great alternative app

I really like this app, but there is one tiny glitch with the programming that I hope someone can fix! There are two podcasts called Embedded, one from NPR and one about electronics. Sometime in May, their episodes got switched! This needs to be fixed ASAP, please! Edit: The podcasts have been switched back!



Simple, easy and efficient

Not complicated and contains an enormous variety and quality of apps, listing contents and subjects of the podcasts with clarity and thoroughness.

Best podcast app that I have used.

Overall: After using the Apple podcast app, Spotify, and other podcast apps, I came across this one and I must say it is my favorite by far. It is free and personally I don’t find the ads too annoying but for the price of $10 they can be removed for an entire year which seems like a good deal to me. Pros: Easy to download podcast episodes which all get put into the listen later folder. Easy to use/ clean interface Overall it is a great app to use Cons: Occasionally I will get a bug where some episodes will not play even after I close out the app. I select an episode and the play/pause button immediately goes back to play and the line below the episode name says “error”. It would be great to add a feature where episodes of favorite podcasts can be downloaded automatically when on WiFi instead of adding them manually. Another useful feature would be to sort episodes by release date (newest to oldest, oldest to newest), length of episode, popularity of episode, etc. Summary: This is a great podcast player at the moment and it can really be put over the top of a few nice features would be added.

Works great!

No complaints!

Clean. Missing Key Feature.

Nice looking app, good variety of free content, but it lacks the option to add podcasts by URL, which is very important when many podcasts have premium content that can only be accessed through a members URL.

Crashes Frequently

I’ve just installed this app this morning, but it has been crashing roughly every 1-2 minutes. The app will just stop playing and closes itself completely.

Beats the rest

clean and works.. much more than I can say for podbean. also! i love how simple it is and does not always try and automatically download everything.

Anna is a breath of fresh air!

I have extremely enjoyed listening to this podcast. Anna brings in great guests and I enjoy listening to their conversations. Using their life experience to help others deal with real life problems.

Usually works great

I love this app because I decide what to download. I hated the traditional iTunes app because I like to listen to a lot of podcasts, but each new release would download on my phone and fill it up. With this app, I can listen to it on WiFi or data or download the ones I want to listen to offline. However, some time it just won’t play. I have some channels that won’t play at all anymore, and listening to a podcast is the only way to get it out of your downloads, so space on my phone is being taken up by podcasts that I can’t listen to, which is frustrating. Keep updating and fixing the bugs, because this is a great app!

Better than the native app

I’m on an iPhone and I can navigate around this app a lot better than the podcast app that comes with iPhone. Be sure to check out my podcast at Deer Stand Hill.

Podcast app

This app is worlds better than the iPhone podcast. It makes everything seamless and easy to use. The only issue I’ve encountered is that some episodes are error and cannot fix them or have anyone to contact to fix these error episodes

5 star

Great app

It works!👍

It takes a while to make it work when first downloaded but when it’s working I enjoy listening my morning inspiration. 👍👍

So much better than default podcast app. Highly recommend making the switch

Apple’s podcast app was giving me so many issues. Download glitches, only have 3 episodes of a podcast, very slow and hard to navigate, most annoyingly it crashes several times before I could actually use it. THIS totally saved me. So fast and efficient, better interface, has ALL podcast episodes, ACTUALLY WORKS wow… I wish I knew sooner. So glad I made the switch.

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