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It has a simple platform

It is very easy to use.


Great app!

NPR up first won’t load anymore

two days in a row up first just “loads” forever. it plays on other apps tho. writing this here bc of course there is no support.


Amazing, enjoy listening

Error messages

I loved this podcast app but now I keep getting error messages when I try to play certain podcasts. Please fix!

Appreciate Organization

I am coming from using Spotify for podcasts, so I appreciate the ability to search through podcast channels for different podcasts and also grouping all podcasts together into a playlist to play. Love it!

Best podcast app that I have used

Very good podcast app!


Absolutely love the pod cast app !!!

I love this app

I think God that I found this application because using I heart radio to listen to a podcast is a struggle because it never works at the time but when I found this podcast app I was grateful because it works it’s simple to use and it’s very much all the podcast that I listen to on a daily basis so I appreciate this podcast!!!

Good so far

Works for me! Its just slow to load long (2.5+ hour) podcasts at times.

E-Mail Share Function Was Dead...working now

Overall, I really like this app compared to the one that comes with an iPhone. But with my iPhone X, when I go to share a podcast via email it does not go through. I am using Gmail for my primary email account. September update: the email share feature seems to be functioning now.

Chrisley confessions!

Entertaining and good advice, as always! I love this platform to address issues not discussed on the TV show! ♥️♥️


This app is garbage. Unless you like the app constantly downloading and re downloading episodes and won’t even launch an episode without connecting to the internet first( probably just to load more ads) but if all that sounds appealing than this app is for you

Stories without names

I love this show! Just tell your truth for an hour without names and I know everyone has a story.

Love love love you guys

I’ve found you here I’m so happy. I used to listen to loveline in my days of escort work and swinger parties I lived throgh that and am overjoyed to find you again. Sarah Dupree 951 581 3183

Love having access

Thank you

Podcasting World

Love the app and allows for quick access to all Podcast library ! Love it!!

Awesome app

Positive Phil brought me here

Love love love!!

I love listening to these two!! My husband and I adore each other and are best friends...we have ZERO in common with most married couples we are surrounded by. Thank you for this!! 💙

Married with horses

Awesome tips.

Almost as bad as Apple podcast app

This app is nearly as bad as Apple’s. Not only is it loaded with ads that you can only dispel with a $10/MONTH subscription, but the app is also loaded with errors and bugs. I keep having this problem where the app will fail to either download or play certain episodes of podcasts, but I can’t discern any kind of pattern and typical solutions (trying again later, closing and re-opening the app, etc) don’t help. Like the Apple podcast app, there’s no easy way to change the order in which episodes play (I don’t always want newest to oldest!). Also a lot of podcast descriptions and authors are incorrect. Finally, the selection of podcasts is weirdly limited. This app has the most popular podcasts but is missing lots of smaller podcasts. All in all, a disappointing experience.

Constant annoying reminders

If I want to listen to the show, I will. I hate the constant ‘reminders.’

Great Retention Tool

This is a great addition to Duolingo, especially for those people who don't know somebody who can help them with their Spanish. The stories are interesting, and the narrator gives you just enough English to help you understand what's going on, while still making you work a little to figure out what's being said. I lived in Spain for 3 yrs back in the 70s and lost a lot of what I learned because I never used it after I left. I've found these podcasts to be a great way to help me retain what I've already learned, while exposing me to new words and sentences at the same time.

One VERY Annoying Thing...

The app isn’t bad. I don’t have much to compare it to, but the selection seems large. There is one thing though that completely ruins the experience. There is no button to go between episodes of your desired podcast! You actually have to go to the library, scroll through the often numerous episodes even seasons and find the episode following the one your listening to. This is may just be my experience though.

Terrible search feature

App worked but I could never find what I was looking for through search. I wanted to see podcasts offered by the same network - not possible. Searched by name - got bizarre results and not what I wanted even though it was the exact title. Searched by host name - again, nothing. I assume their algorithm prioritizes popularity, not keywords. Not helpful for users.

I like this!!

This is my first go at podcast listening and this one is exceptional. Now, I’d like to learn how to answer the host/s.

love but confused

love this app and use it to sleep but it keeps playing the podcasts when i clicked the stop after episode button!

Thanks for allowing us our freedoms

Love Info wars

Can’t delete playlist

At first I looked at the simplicity of this app, but it’s too simple, in that I am unable to delete or sign out of a podcast. There are no options for removing previously viewed casts outside of deleting the app entirely. And since I paid for it I am not amused

The ad interface is terrible

This app is terrible to use for long distance driving. The ads pop up as soon as you play something and then they are hard to close as tapping the ‘X’ does not make it go away. I have to open up a different app and then go back into this one in order for the ads to go away. This is so distracting and hard to do while multitasking. Why not just make the ads in the top bar or something??

My Favorite (and Most Used) App!

I use this app all the time for two reasons: I LOVE podcasts and I really enjoy the structure of this app. It has a simple layout, it looks modern and up to date, unlike Apple’s podcast app. I really, REALLY enjoy the grid layout of being able to see all of my favorite podcast at once (I hope the developers keep this). I do wish that there were settings for the user and I could customize the layout of the home listen screen, especially since I pay for the upgraded version with ads (SO WORTH IT!!). For example, I don’t really care for the top line up of new shows, I already get notifications for that and the “new” tag pops up on my podcasts when a new one is available. Also, like my second favorite app, Audible, I wish there was an option to change the background/theme to “mode” or something. Definitely not deal breakers, and I would give this app more than 5 stars if I could, but maybe in a future update. Thanks for the app!

Terrific except:

I love this but I can’t find a way to subscribe to a limited feed, like a patreon subscriber?

Won’t play!

None of my episodes will play. The play button spins, then says error and never begins. I have rebooted my phone, upgraded my Ios, made sure the app is up to date, deleted and reinstalled. HELP!!! I need my Mike Rowe fix!

UAV-ATL Monster

I love these podcasts. I’m wondering if you watch the ID Channel. I’m such an addict. I’ve always been obsessed with cold cases and missing persons. I love for people to get prosecuted and sentenced. Thanks for the podcasts Payne Lindsey! Keep up the great work!

DISAPPOINTING: Not all podcasts will not load!

I was quick to download and pay for the add free version, yet I cant get all the podcasts to load and its only 3 min and I have a good connection!

Listen later not working

Even once an episode is downloaded it will get stuck on loading. Otherwise a fine app.

Podcast fanatic

Love this app. Easy to use, free and has everything anyone is looking for.

Good app - why is premium a subscription?

This is a good podcast app and I’d love to support by purchasing the “ad free” version which I don’t have a problem with doing at the price but why is that a subscription? I need to pay the full price of the app every year to continue using it? I don’t understand that. Lots of apps have paid options to remove apps, this is the first I’ve encountered that removing ads is a yearly subscription. That aside this app works much better for me than the free Podcast app which frequently freezes. This app also present the podcasts in a visually please manner. Great app, but change the ad removal to permanent instead of having to essentially rebuy this app every year.


Works Easy. It's My Favorite

Podcasts not updating, no support

My podcast isn't updating to show new episodes. Also, I changed the cover art on my podcast last year and eight months later there's still no change in this app. It's giving listeners a bad experience. Waiting to see if emailing can fix the problem before updating and giving a 5 or 1 start rating.


Finally, a podcast app that is simple and streamlined. No confusing interfaces or excessive screen. This app just gets it done. I see my podcasts, I see my lists of episodes, and it’s easy to play exactly what I want. Thank you for rescuing me from the frustration of the other big name podcast apps!!


Absolutely love this app!! So user friendly!

Great Program. Always like Brian and his informed program.

Thanks for the podcast. Don’t stop

My Favorite Murder Podcast

Storytelling is deeply embedded in my soul and I love listening to podcasts. One of my favorite podcasts is My Favorite Murder with Karen & Georgia. I have always loved the topic of murder and I adore how Karen & Georgia bring such joy & passion to this topic.


Absolutely one of the best podcasts out there. It does deep dives with amazing guests, exploring their field/ area of business or career.

Works flawlessly! Has Alex Jones!

What more can I say? Works in a much more user-friendly way than Apple’s app.

Very convenient!

I haven’t had this app all that long but so far really enjoy it. I had another app that continue to malfunction but this one is doing fine. Easy to use and very efficient!

Not good

Terrible app. New episodes don’t come up

First of all, it’s an amazing app...

But please please please add a capability to search in Listen Later. I tend to add all interesting episodes I come across to Listen Later and then I selectively listen to them. Finding what’s I want in a list of tens of episodes is a pain

Good 90% present of the time

This podcast app is great and it’s always useful but it always quits a random times for certain podcasts

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