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Such a great presentation! Very informative👍

Enjoyed the comparisons & the engaging conversation. Also the stories that the people shared.

Very useful information

Excellent information for a beginner investor. Great job


App is clunky. Needs to have a clear “download” button...Have to click on listen later and figure it out. There are better podcast apps like podcast republic

Basic and functional!

I got this to replace Apple’s podcast app after Apple ruined it. I have no complaints about this app. Great search feature; easy to stream, download, delete, and ‘favorite’ (subscribe to) podcasts; unobtrusive visual ads to keep it free. It’s a perfect replacement for the garbagified Apple version.

Elevation podcast is the best

I listen to Steve Furtick (pastor of the elevation ministries) everyday and sometimes the same podcast twice in the same day. It is so packed with not only powerful concepts from the Scriptures but extremely practical and personal ways to apply the concepts. I’m a huge fan! I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who wants some incredible insight on how to apply the Scriptures! Mary Ann

Good but slow

When you add podcasts to listen to later, you need to wait for the animation to finish before you can add another one, making it ridiculously slow to add a lot of episodes at once.

Love the app but reinstalling breaks subscription

I love this app, best podcast player I’ve seen. I subscribed to it but seemed to have found a bug where removing and reinstalling the app breaks the subscription and the ads don’t go away. Can renew subscription and can’t Restore button the ads away. Not sure what to do as I can’t find a way to contact support either. This would be five stars if those things were fixed/made clearer.

Love it but major issues with certain podcasts/episodes

Really enjoy this app. Love the listen later button but there are a few episodes that don’t work. I can download the episode but nothing ends up playing.

Podcast review

Podcast is an excellent source to get podcast of your favorite radio programs anytime you want. I really enjoy it. Thank you operation specialist first class service warfare United States Navy retired John Kevin O’Brien, Palm Coast Florida.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


I love this podcast. It works perfectly and easy to follow any podcast you want. It’s fabulous!! Thank you😊


At times I will have to stop a podcast for a few minutes the when I return to it it will not start up. Sometimes I can reboot my phone and it will start from where it left off but most times it will not.

great podcast app to replace the default

since apple recently changed their default podcast app ui, it has been a degraded user experience. finally i found a replacement for it that works well. the podcast app has a nice clean, simple ui and has been great so far.

Better than Before with Tony Richards

Love the topics AND the host! Very entertaining and informative. The Romanian Neuroscientist was fabulous! What a great story about how the first thing the people of Romania did when they overthrew the communist government was to bring back the TV show Dallas. Thank you Tony and the whole Better than Before crew for putting out such an outstanding podcast! Can't wait to hear what you'll do next!

Works well but zero organization or settings

So I was pumped to get into podcasts, and asked friends for their favorites. So I have a GIANT list of long running podcasts with no way to organize them and most of them I need to start at season 1 and there’s no way to easily see the episodes in the order they aired. I also wish there was a way to mark podcasts as like “up to date on listening” so you don’t need to figure out what you’re behind on and what’s new or what you’re all caught up on.


I like to listen to podcasts on my drive home from work. Driving 10 hours a week can be exhausting but if I have my favorite podcasts it’s great. I can only download at my house so I needed an offline player. This one worked for awhile but then it began deleting my podcasts I’ve already downloaded. It also takes a long time to download anything and sometimes it’ll download something 3-4 times in front of you. You also can’t leave the download screen. I downloaded Overcast and am having a much better experience. It’s free and downloads quickly.

Good app but full page ads that are too difficult to close

Good app but every time you start and stop a podcast, even pause, a full page ad pops up with a very small x in the corner that often my phone does not allow me to click. Looked for an upgrade but another subscription based app. I’m happy to pay but having 1000 subscriptions one for each app on my phone is too much.

Switched to this app from the Apple app...

...and I’m very happy!! I don’t mind the ads; I close them without even looking. I like that I can see what I’ve played and the blue dot indicates when a new podcast is on the list. I love how I can cue up a play list and press play and don’t have to deal with it for a few days (I usually put about 10-12 podcasts on the list at once). Thanks for a great app!!!

Best I’ve Used

I really like this App.

THE best podcast app

Since the Apple podcast app has been shot to hell, finding this app is heaven-sent. Very intuitive. I just upgraded to ad-free. Thank you for such a great app!

No issues.

Downloaded this app when I was new to Podcasts not realizing all the options out there for listening. Since then, I have tried another podcast app that is to remain nameless, and this app is hands down my favorite choice. Keep up the good work!

Listen Later keeps redownloading over cellular

I liked this app because I thought was downloading the podcasts that I added to the “Listen Later” playlist when I connected to WiFi. However, it doesn’t appear to download the Listen Later podcasts unless I have the app open. Also, it keeps redownloading the podcasts every time I open the app and then downloads them again when I’m connected to cellular and want to listen to the downloaded items. Idk if I’m doing something wrong or if this is a limitation of the app.

Nothing special at this point

I like the look and the feel if the app but I gave it 3 Stars because there isn’t a podcast subscription feature. I’m a paying member of several podcasts which requires login credentials to listen to full episodes. This app doesn’t have the ability to enter login credentials like a few of the other podcast apps do.

Settings user control

I like this podcast player but I’d like more control of what plays and when it plays. I don’t like to listen to one random podcast to another. Where is the settings button?

App Keeps Pausing

Love the interface but keeps unexpectedly pausing the podcasts

Please add an ad-free option!

Just downloaded this app and it’s phenomenal, so much so that I wanted to invest my money and pay for an ad-free version but was disappointed to find there is no option for that. Please add it! Will you ever? 5 stars when you do. Glad to see the developers actually listen! 5 stars for adding ad-free version! You are keeping the 5 star review because you did indeed add an ad-free version. However, for $10 a year, there needs to be a little something else added to your app. Comparing The Podcast App to Overcast, TPA doesn’t give you a theme option, something Overcast gives you for free. Hopefully theming comes in a sooner rather than later update. A pure black theme for us OLED iPhone X users would be A+.

RESEARCHER without competition

If you want to know the political scene and know the sources. randi is for you! SMART, WITTY and unabashedly Progressive!

Good Stuff

Good Stuff


Love podcast a.m. suddenly addicted!!

Love it

Great show

No favorite button or history list

Can't figure out how to save favorites or see a history of previously listened to podcasts. Don't think it exists. Super frustrating when trying to refer back.

Really good! One problem

This one is really good but the one issue I’ve noticed is that some shows don’t have the most updated episodes. If I look in the stock apple podcast app and see that a new episode was added yesterday, the same won’t be in this app. In fact there were a few shows that haven’t received a feed in over a few months. This may be the show’s fault but nonetheless it’s my biggest turnoff if this app.


Intrusive ads

Simple and functional, needs a few things

This is a great app. Simple, clean design. Lacks a bit in the feature department in my opinion. It could absolutely use the ability to set up multiple playlists for example.

Ads everywhere

Overall I like the app, much more intuitive than IOS 11 new podcast app. BUT the pop up ads are terrible and excessive, I paid for the ad free version to get rid of them. Also, it’s unclear if something is fully downloaded. I’ll download a podcast and it’ll show “all downloaded”. A day later that same un-listened to podcast needs to download again. Not a big deal unless I’m on a flight and don’t have access to Internet.

So Happy to Have Found This.

Excellent, straightforward, easy-to -navigate design! This app is a much-needed alternative to Apple’s horrendous redesigned app. I’ve searched high and low to find a good replacement and need to look no further! Thank you! So well worth the premium subscription, too.


Dan Bongino is the best! Funny and insightful.


A podcast that I’ve really been looking forward to (The Habitat from Gimlet) is now available on Apple Podcasts, but not on The Podcast App. I just switched over because Apple podcasts has been giving me so much trouble, and now I’m disappointed! I also noticed that a lot of the cover art is pretty outdated on The Podcast App. Seems to me a theme that they are a little behind. Darn... I really wanted to love it!

Super soul Sunday

The best show ever. Always brings love, peace and happiness to my soul😘👍👏😍😘💗💞😍

Night mode

Please add night mode. It’s the only thing the app is missing. A way to toggle on a mode that will convert the app interface to a dark theme that is easy on the eyes.

Works well, but lacking one key feature

I like the app, but I have yet to find a way to organize downloaded podcasts. I have to listen off line, and scrolling through a running list to find the episode of the show that I want is tedious. Please add a way to organize downloaded ‘listen later’ shows.

Can only get a few episodes

When I first used this app it worked great. I loved it. Now for some reason I can only listen to some past episodes, for example I can listen to some November episodes but when I try downloading April episodes, all I get is “error”. I hope whatever the problem is, it will be resolved soon. I love this app & will continue to use it


I’ve reviewed this app previously and it was a 5star for sure but I’ve been having major problems with the app pausing itself randomly for the last few weeks. Super annoying. On a few occasions I haven’t gotten it to play at all. I’ve updated it a couple times since it started doing this to me but it hasn’t been fixed. Some days it works flawless all day. Other days I can’t get it to play more than 5 or so minutes before it pauses itself and makes me start it again. I would love to see this resolved. If it does I’ll pay for premium!

Trickle down

Too much bs. Time not spent on subject.

Great but have to scroll to get to beginning...

Is there anyway to sort the episodes in a podcast from oldest to newest get so I can start from the beginning?? I love this app but I can’t continue to scroll through 500 episodes to start from episode 1!

5 star

Great app

So much goodness!

Biblical Truths, business truths, dead to make life a bit simpler...ALL GOOD!! Thank you! My mind and heart are being opened to more possibilities!


Love the variety! Comedy, politics, and great food for thought from great people. Minimal interference with advertising.

Sign in abilities?

Thank you for this app. Would there in the future be an ability to sign in? Providing the user the flexibility of signing into the app using other platforms available and have the podcasts we’re following available? Thank you.

Love this app but....

This is my favorite podcast app. Sadly it freezes every time i begin listening to a new episode. Happens every time. It freezes then the play button starts flashing and it’s stuck like that for a few minutes. I exit the app. Get back in and same issue. After the 3rd try the app begins to work again. Until a new episode begins and the issue begins again. Ugh.

One star because...

I’m frustrated that on my iPhone 5s only some of the podcast play with sound. The others will play but I can’t hear anything. Also frustrated that there seems to be no way to send feedback or ask questions other than through this review. So this is what you get. When I click on “app support” in the App Store that just takes me to the app. There’s nothing on the app that says “ask us questions” or “get help”. I’m pretty certain Evolve will tell me this is an iPhone problem and it probably is. But I’d like the opportunity to ask. So, since I can’t ask you a question nor find any information on the problem I have to give you one star for not being helpful.

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