The Podcast App 앱 리뷰

Perfect (almost)

I love this! Used to use the apple podcast app but it just wasn’t cutting it. This app allows you to save episodes for later listening and reorganize your list as you see fit. I only wish there were more history-based podcasts and some kind of audiobook feature! Overall, well worth a download and I’m excited to see more shows added!

User unfriendly

Lacks basic usability design features. FWD/REV buttons are too small and too near play/pause button causing inadvertent button presses (professional designers know this as Fitt’s Law). App is also not compatible with Siri. Unable to find any new podcasts (e.g. Dual Threat with Ryen Russillo) that are readily found in other podcast platforms. Also, the audio for the ads play automatically over the audio of the podcast when resuming a podcast mid-episode.

There’s better out there

After two months using this app Ive gotta day it’s getting dumped. It’s constantly skipping backward 10 seconds while I’m listening, constantly giving playback errors for certain podcasters if I try to switch to a different episode mid-podcast and won’t startup again if I even GET a call while I’m listening, let alone if I answer it. No thanks.

My favorite app

This app is so easy to use and has a great variety of topics. You can add certain shows as your favorite so you automatically get any new podcasts. You can also save individual podcasts to listen to later. It even has a sleep timer you can use at night to shut it off.

I liked this app, then it stopped working

That’s too bad because this app was one of my favorite podcast apps, then few days ago it just stopped playing one of my podcasts. Showing loading spinner forever and nothing is playing. This is only for one specific podcasts, others are playing ok, but that specific podcast is not working anymore while other apps are able to play it just fine. Too bad I have to start using something else now.

Home recovering 🙌

I Thank You for these podcasts, they are very uplifting to me as I’m gaining strength in my Faith and body. 👏🙌👏♥️ NLCRUSS and Pastor Mark & Leslie Pagley


My religion!!!

Doesn't seem to ban pods, downloads frequently fail

Pro: doesn't censor podcasts Con: no automatic downloads and, even though you have downloaded a Podcast, it will frequently 'undownload' so you can't listen if not connected to the internet...

Pretty good.

Just wish it would show the number of unplayed episodes as a badge.

Crashes constantly

And often takes much longer to load and longer for new content to show up compared to apple podcast.

Just like old Podcast app

everything work as expected, no Apple magic "you don't need it here" #yesido


Very informative & interesting most of the time! I really enjoy these lil stories!

Open up your ears.

Instead of listening to music when I walk or cook, I listen to Fresh Air, New York Times Book review, Malcolm Gladwell, the BBC. It’s enlightening, educational and expansive. Invaluable!


This podcast is always inspiring. Gets me excited in the word every time. Love it! Pat in Tennessee

It’s fantastic

For being my first experience using a podcast app it’s perfect for me. I follow a great cast, “For the Love of Money” and I listen to it every day!

What joy to hear

I love Maria podcast I listen on 109 Stars and this podcast. It is sure great information that I have to listen to them over again. I also love how she talks about her love for her family. That means dogs and the hubs. Thank you Maria I am praying and sending good thoughts to you guys.

Latest update changed the look

Too busy looking, hard to distinguish between different podcasts

Another App Ruined by an Update

Apple ruined it’s app with a crappy update which is why I started using this one. I must’ve accidentally switched on automatic updates cause this got update and it barley functions at this point. Even downloaded podcasts DO NOT LOAD. It’s already downloaded onto my phone and it won’t play. It’d be like downloading music then watching it load as if it’s streaming. Worked perfectly before the update.


If you download a lot of podcasts at once, this is probably not for you. The podcasts are arranged in one giant list, so you must scroll to find anything on your list. The app could use a feature that can sort downloaded podcasts via subscription. But, alas I have downloaded another podcast app, “breaker”. Better.


I have been killing my data listening to podcasts, YouTube, Spotify and other data hogs, I drive two hours total for work every day, and my data bill was killing me, then I found this app, and it hasn’t been a problem since! I have currently over 27 hours of podcasts and it takes up only 6 MB of storage, that’s nothing! My favorite part is I always have something I enjoy listening to on the to and from work, and its always something new!

I have a suggestion.

I’m not big on listening to podcasts, but I do occasionally like to listen to a few. And I know that one of my friends listens to them ALL the time! Wether you fall asleep to podcasts, or you can only sit through a few minutes at a time, this is a great app for it. Every podcast you favorite is right there on a list. I think that you should be able to MAKE podcasts through this app too. It would be more convenient than having to download another app for it. I also think there should be a setting, that translates whatever they’re saying into any language. Most podcasts are in English, so it would be useful to have some kind of instant translator. (At least in Spanish and Chinese)

Awesome sauce !

Love you guys

Downloads don’t actually download

I like the layout of this app, however I have stopped using it because when I would download podcasts the episodes wouldn’t stay downloaded on my phone. I would hit “save for later”, the episode would say that it downloaded, but when I went to listen to the episode later when I was without wifi it would say “no internet connection”.


I love a program that stimulates my mind and gives me an alternate perspective on life

Appreciate Organization, Podcasts Sometimes Stop Playiny

I am coming from using Spotify for podcasts, so I appreciate the ability to search through podcast channels for different podcasts and also grouping all podcasts together into a playlist to play. However, sometimes the podcast that I am listening to will sometimes stop playing, as if the application stops running in the background. At this point, I will have to go back to the app and press play again. Sometimes this will happen several times in a row, sometimes even when I'm driving and trying to listen to a podcast. It seems to happen to any podcast that I listen to, not matter what the channel. I am on iOS 12.0, but I experienced this issue in previous versions of iOS, too.

Enough with the notifications

How do I turn this off?!!!

Super knowledgeable

I love this audio conversations I’m loving podcast!

Needs more functionality

It plays podcasts, but I cannot tell whether episodes have been downloaded. I would like to be able to prioritize what I listen to next and how many older episodes to automatically retrieve, for example overnight it would be great if new episodes of my favorites were automatically downloaded, ready for my commute.

Need to sort by newest podcast at top of list

Need to sort by newest podcast at top of list

Works like a Charm.

No complaints. Easy to use and locate the podcasts you want.


So many shows, I’m addicted. Hope more shows are added.


Everything for the most part works well but I haven’t been able to access a couple episodes and there is no contact info to inquire about the issue.

Problematic while driving

In terms of interface and usability, this is one of the best podcast apps out there, but I’m disappointed by the lack of Apple CarPlay support and the number of times I’ve tried using the app in the background while using Waze and have playback completely stop mid-drive.

Old Episodes Issues

Just keeps on giving errors when I try to stream old episodes from shows but if you play current ones it will be fine.

Connecting to our roots through food, culture and community

I stumbled across Phlavor Profiles on Instagram and I’m so glad I did. I’m loving the connection between our culture, food, and community. I’m a Mexipina educator and proud of how we share our love for food and community with oral histories and traditions. Pilipino food for me has always been my connection to the Motherland and I’ve always loved shared bc it with others. I know that my students look for this connection as well it it’s great to hear from others here in the U.S. and how our families have done so much to provide us so much here. I appreciate having this space for us to listen and share our stories. Salamat! Keep in sharing these stories. I along with so many others look forward to hearing it. María

Up and Vanished

I'm loving this mystery. Just started it but look forward to listening to the whole thing and seeing what he discovers through his investigative journalism!!

Was 5 stars

Update makes my subbed casts icons instead of a list - have to squint and guess at which cast I'm picking. Terrible.

It has a simple platform

It is very easy to use.


Great app!

NPR up first won’t load anymore

two days in a row up first just “loads” forever. it plays on other apps tho. writing this here bc of course there is no support.


Amazing, enjoy listening

Error messages

I loved this podcast app but now I keep getting error messages when I try to play certain podcasts. Please fix!

Best podcast app that I have used

Very good podcast app!


Absolutely love the pod cast app !!!

I love this app

I think God that I found this application because using I heart radio to listen to a podcast is a struggle because it never works at the time but when I found this podcast app I was grateful because it works it’s simple to use and it’s very much all the podcast that I listen to on a daily basis so I appreciate this podcast!!!

Good so far

Works for me! Its just slow to load long (2.5+ hour) podcasts at times.

E-Mail Share Function Was Dead...working now

Overall, I really like this app compared to the one that comes with an iPhone. But with my iPhone X, when I go to share a podcast via email it does not go through. I am using Gmail for my primary email account. September update: the email share feature seems to be functioning now.

Chrisley confessions!

Entertaining and good advice, as always! I love this platform to address issues not discussed on the TV show! ♥️♥️


This app is garbage. Unless you like the app constantly downloading and re downloading episodes and won’t even launch an episode without connecting to the internet first( probably just to load more ads) but if all that sounds appealing than this app is for you

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