The Podcast App 앱 리뷰

Works flawlessly! Has Alex Jones!

What more can I say? Works in a much more user-friendly way than Apple’s app.

Very convenient!

I haven’t had this app all that long but so far really enjoy it. I had another app that continue to malfunction but this one is doing fine. Easy to use and very efficient!

Not good

Terrible app. New episodes don’t come up

First of all, it’s an amazing app...

But please please please add a capability to search in Listen Later. I tend to add all interesting episodes I come across to Listen Later and then I selectively listen to them. Finding what’s I want in a list of tens of episodes is a pain

Good 90% present of the time

This podcast app is great and it’s always useful but it always quits a random times for certain podcasts


Totally agree with person who said they have problems, I made the mistake of buying the add free. App crashes regularly, or it won't open. Not worth Any of it 👎

Feature request

I’ll start off by saying that this app is awesome! It provides everything necessary to better enjoy the podcast experience. There is only one improvement I would like to see in the future. I wish there was a way to manage playback options. Sometimes I don't want podcasts to autoplay after completion. Or if you can manage the order of playback: descending, ascending. Besides that, I would recommend this app to a friend!

Ads are for products in my Amazon cart

The app works perfectly. Superior to Apple’s, even. However, the ads that come up are always for apps I’ve just used, or purchases I’ve just made—literally the same product, make and model and everything, like that exact one. For the past 36 hours, the ads consist of products that were in my cart at places like Amazon, Overstock, and Etsy. I opened my Headspace app for the first time in forever, and now guess what ad has been in the rotation? Headspace. Look, you guys have a fantastic app and I know a certain amount of revenue comes from ads—but your ads are incredibly inefficient because what your ads display are essentially my receipts.

Listen while I exercise

So much better than TV!

Best Fantasy Podcast Out There!!!


Awesome app

Really enjoy this application. It has provided me with hours of education and entertainment.

Stepping outside the news

Listening to Chris Hayes, Alan Alda, the Ted Hour from NPR allows me to step outside the daily tweet storm from DC and listen to something above the fray. Glad to have this power!

Open to all viewoints

Unlike some apps, allows media from diverse viewpoints to be available...unlike most radical left tech companies from The People’s Republic of California.

Love it!

Provides a vast array of educational choices. I hope the choices offered continue to increase.


Could you please figure out why every time I attempt to play my favorite podcasts- such as Sinica- I get an error? Otherwise five stars for a more convenient, compact, and user friendly podcasting app!


I like the apps functionality but there’s way too many ads and they stay up until you can exit out by clicking a TINY x on the left corner which most of the time still takes me to the ad redirecting me OUT OF THE PODCAST APP. It’s too distracting and happens over and over and over. Understanding that’s probably how they make money is the click rate on ads but can you make that exit out button a LITTLE BIT BIGGER?! Not even YouTube’s button is that small. I have never once been tempted to buy or click through any of their ads your marketing is off and just frustrating



Listening Pleasure

I love relaxing and listening to my favorite podcasts. Thank you for offering such a wide variety of topics.

Excellent Bible program

This program is very informative. I pretty much listen to it everyday. R.C Sproul is a very great Bible teacher. I never write a review in my life. I'm writing this review because I learn a lot from this program. Not forget to mention, he's a very very very great speaks. you can hear everything clear crystal when he's speaking. Another Word, he's not boring. He's my first review!

Better than Apple’s own app

Because it works!!! And it’s easy. Has all my pod casts. Thank you!!

All podcast available unlike Apple app

You can even rate and review this app unlike apples podcast app. I Deleted my Apple podcast app which I have had for years because they decided censorship is the route they wanted to go. Apples podcast app decided to go the route of modern day book burning and censoring apps and people they do not political agree and that’s just to start.

These guys acted quick!

Great place for all podcasts. I told them they were missing a podcast in their database and they quickly added it!

Love the app but reinstalling breaks subscription

/UPDATE: the most recent update has fixed the ability to Restore my active subscription so I am now VERY PLEASED with this app overall. Many thanks to the dev team for getting this sorted out. /UPDATE: after several app updates I still can’t restore my already paid for subscription. The app is great otherwise but it’s been many weeks since I paid for it and am still stuck with ads because the Restore button doesn’t work. Not cool. /UPDATE I love this app, best podcast player I’ve seen. I subscribed to it but seemed to have found a bug where removing and reinstalling the app breaks the subscription and the ads don’t go away. Can renew subscription and can’t Restore button the ads away. Not sure what to do as I can’t find a way to contact support either. This would be five stars if those things were fixed/made clearer.

Helps me daily.


Can you say awesome??!!

Best podcast player out there!!

Love the Podcast app

Really easy to use. Get all my NPR Podcasts here.

Hasn’t been working

Works great!


I came across this podcast by accident. Never intending to listen to it very much, just want to hear the one podcast on the subject I was looking for. Tony was no not that smooth and you could tell he was just learning his art. After a while he got better and the guest got better. What I like about this podcast the most is how real the guest are.Not the usual names you hear of people trying to sell the third and fourth book. But is it every day people who had extra ordinary experiences. Get the idea these people would not lie and have no intention or need to. It’s everything from the metaphysical to the supernatural from folk that has experience it firsthand.I quickly started binge watching or listening to the podcast every day going home from work every day going to work until I caught up. It is quickly become my favorite podcast.

Last podcast on the left

Having issues with the last podcast on the left. Why will the show’s not download? All that it does is give it an exclamation mark! Something is wrong. Otherwise I like the app. Fix that show or gonna have to change to other app. Not sure why it does that

Small town murder

Wildly entertaining! Fun and educational!


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Add podcast via link?

I listen to podcasts almost daily and the default iOS app just isn’t cutting it for me. I want to like this app — it’s quite clean and simple, but it’s missing a seemingly key feature: I pay for a membership that gives me access to the podcast feed of a certain news network and I need to add it via link. I can’t seem to find a way to do it with this app. Quite frustrating. I’ll be downloading a different app, but I’d probably use this one if it got that feature, or if the developers could point me in the direction of how to do it.

Better LOOKING than Apple's

Not really different though, is it? Won't import or export subscription lists, which makes the service a trap. Looks to use all the same algorithms in fact. Kudos for a usable interface but seriously, share lists with apps BESIDES Apple podcasts, for goodness' sake.

Very minimal

Trying to ditch to ultra-crappy Podcast app in iOS. This one might be better but it lacks a lot of what I became used to in crapville. I frequently used the speed control to get through an episode faster. When I first went to switch to this app I subscribed to all my podcasts. But I was current on most of them. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to mark episodes as played or delete them. So if I want to listen to a podcast from last month on a new podcast I just subscribed to I have to scroll down past months of stuff I’ve already listened to.

Needs option to play newest to oldest episode

As the Apple podcast app has gotten progressively more convoluted, I’ve begun looking for an alternative. This app has a lot to like in the straightforward interface and easy access to shows you have added. Finding new podcasts and saving episodes is also intuitive. However the big drawback is the app will not play podcasts in reverse order (from newest to oldest). The lack of this option is a killer for me, since I prefer to click the most recent episode in a show and then let it play back through previous episodes. This is great for long road trips, and requires no touching of the phone or looking at the screen. If playback order options were added, I’d gladly switch and pay the fee for the ad free version. As it is, I’ll have to keep looking...😕


1 August 2018 Update: more offensive Ads even after the update. Ive emailed the developer. Waiting for feed back. I’ve been updating this app as needed on my personal iPhone for the last year or so. For some ungodly reason advertising for Arab Women Dating Sites Keep popping up. To make matters worse, I can’t X out of them. The only way to remove the OFFENSIVE ads is to shut the entire App. This is the first review I’ve ever written. Im so mad and annoyed, I’m taking time out of my busy day to let you and perspective users what’s really going on with the Ads popping up. BTW, I have not googled or looked up anything of this sort to warrant getting Ads such as these!!!

Good app

The only thing that I miss from the default one is the part where it shows all the recent podcasts out. This app only shows the green dots on the shows themselves. Other than that it does the job. Edit 7/31 : New update causes podcasts to just stop randomly when phone screen is off.

Offline Downloading?

I like the app okay but it does not seem to work well for offline downloading/listening. I have set numerous shows to download for offline listening - because I often travel and walk in Europe without internet connection - and they rarely work. Am I missing something?

Thank god for this App, Apple’s built in app is an abomination.

Good stuff

Better than the default

Downloaded this one after Apple changed the interface of the built-in podcasts app. This one makes it easy to search, download, and add individual podcasts to your listening queue. Only tiny annoyance is the ads. Not enough of a turn off to make me switch. Like this interface a lot.

Great app.

Comes with my favorites. Also doesn’t kill my phone battery like other apps did!


I was looking for an app exactly like this for the longest time! You can set sleep timers, download, and favorite artists. Works amazingly and I can’t believe it’s free. I’ve seen way worse one cost much more

Dangerous for driving

No skip function No hands-free capability This app would be great if you only wanted to listen to one episode of one podcast before you pulling over to find the next episode of a podcast. Would not recommend

So user friendly

Just deleted the standard Apple podcast app because the navigation within the app became too complicated after their last revamp. I could never find my play list of episodes anymore. I have now downloaded your app 2 days ago. First thing I noticed is the link to my playlist right up front. Sooo convenient. Reorganizing the playlist is also very easy. I am so happy I made the switch.

It’s ok

The free version is too cluttered with ads. The pay version is $10/year forever. No way.

Great app

Best podcast app ever


I would gladly pay a set amount for this app. It’s great! But subscribe for 10 dollars a year? No thank you. Stop that nonsense.

Looking for a great podcast app. This isn't it yet.

I'm looking for a podcast app I can settle on after lots of disappointments in the past. This one has a lot of good but has some serious flaws too. For one, some podcasts I listen to are just missinf, sadly. The podcast organization doesn't have many options. Can't organize by tiles, or change order easily, or mark podcasts as listened to. Lastly, this may seem like a small gripe, but it is honestly really annoying. They have their ads set to not respond to be closed for like 15 seconds. They show the x you can use to close it, but it doesn't work for way too long. I expect that crap out of stupid free to play games but not from a podcast app. Show ads, just let them be closed.


I love this app. The podcasts on this app are very inspiring!

So What the Difference???

I fail to see the advantage in using this app as opposed to selecting the podcasts directly. 🤔

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